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June 10, 2012


Thanks again Kes, you were an incredible subject. I learned a lot about life and art over the course of the two day shoot.

I feel like this whole thing was a clever orchestration by the folks at Rasmuson to pair emerging Alaskan artists with established ones. We got much more out of it than I can even begin to synthesize.

Thanks so much, Tom, for your nice and generous comment! I hope you and your family are loving the house--and the paintings!

Congratulations! What a great and well deserved honor. I think we may walking our own six miles back and forth enjoying your paintings!

Thanks, Robert. You're lucky that you were in Scotland, or I'd have dragooned you into getting interviewed, too! Nice to have such good--and articulate--friends, eh? - Kes

What a great little piece on you and your work. And I quite like the roster of folks making observations.

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