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April 22, 2005


Seriously, 1 hair on the brush? Maybe 5 or 6? I can't even...spell fathom?! I may have just the brush for you...

Kes: I echo Dan in losing you in Alaska! I need your new address in the wilds of Washington. Your site, which Dan DeRoux put me onto is spectacular.

Kes, Your new blog site is pretty great. For anyone new to Kes' work, it is truly remarkable. First of all, at the last studio visit I had made, the large scale oils are painted with a brush that has only one hair...maybe as many as 5 or 6 when they are new. You can imagine that this takes some great patience and time. When you are up close to the pieces, (at the distance from which they are painted), they often look like they are gnarly abstracts....truly unruly....but as you step back, they slowly come into focus presenting themselves as photorealistic.
I like the comments you, (KES) made about watercolors, unforgiving little sons-a-beeches, and only fun when they turn out properly...a real challenge.
We dislike it that you, (Kes) have left the state, even though I'm in Juneau and you were in Fairbanks and I hardly ever saw you....but it was comforting to have a bretheren in pigment sticking to the region. I always am tempted to leave, figure out the logistics of it all, living here and somewhere else....and it's refreshing to have a vanguard, a scout, to go out first and test the water. Kes, I love your new blog. Maybe soon I'll have something worthwhile writing about. See you soon!

How wonderful to be able to bring up an image of new work by you (and click on the enlargement) here in France, where my modem connection slowly reveals the painting, adding to the drama. The combination of words and images in the blog adds to the power of each.

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