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January 11, 2011


Lovely art work...seem to keep missing seeing it in a gallery here near Augusta GA..missed your show in Aiken and I see you had one in Charlotte...maybe one day...I first saw your work in the Morris Corporate collection a few years ago and then today again in the Morris Museum. Enthralled with your trees - small world - was married to an Aiken boy - Dickie Hunt! Heard the wild tail of the tree sinking into the old well as you two climbed it. Funny - I guess trees have a long love affair in your life:>! As I said one day I will get to one of your shows when they again appear near here!

Stunning, as per usual. Please be careful out there! I don't want to hear any lost digit stories from taking photos.

I'll have to see if Dave's family lives anywhere near the gallery in NC. I will encourage them to make the trip to see your work.

Great sky... Maybe the warm power of the northern sky in mid-winter stems from the black, blue and white landscape; simultaneous contrast for the spirit.

Thank you Kes, Light is warmer there than here but may well be an attribute of the beholder. Your painting is breathtaking, ethereal, and "other worldly", as the commentary seems to imply? What a gift to be able to enjoy your painting and commentary in the middle of my erstwhile humdrum day. Love to all at your house. Susan

I love the picture the sorty and Alaska looking forward to someday seeing the winter light

oooo LOVELY! You've managed to warm up the frozen North :o)

This takes my breath away! - Lyn

I'm fighting with the title: "New Light in the North." With its vivid colors, silhouetted spruce and steeply angled cloud banks it looks nearly post-apocalyptic. Stunning, but unnerving.

On the other hand, I'm glad to see a strong argument for predestination in your text. Nevertheless, good luck with the show down south, however it is meant to turn out.

Beautiful warm sky, Kes! I am happy, happy, happy for you on so many levels. Fondly, Michele

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