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September 24, 2017


It's very true about painting the light. And you do it so well. I love the light in both of these paintings. I, like you, have always thought we live with a special light up here, and that we appreciate it so much more than folks "outside" do. It can be such a strong light making defined and energetic shadows, or it can be kindly, like in your painting "Kindly Light," a term I never really thought about before. Thanks, as always Kes, for your lovely post.

Thank you, Erin! I often see and always love the images in your posts under that lovely title, "An Apprentice to Light."

Oh yes, the light. I often feel like the most honest way to talk about my poetry is to say, "I am an apprentice to light." Though some days, I am an apprentice to mud, or wind, or crows. Just about any shift or dapple can catch my attention.

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